The highly specialised legal advice in the areas of civil, criminal, national and international law.


Banking and finance

Among the Firm’s most specialised areas, banking and financial law covers all areas of legal advice aimed at resolving disputes relating to banking relationships of any kind and nature, both for credit institutions and for users of banks. Debt settlement and restructuring, dispute settlement, recovery of claims and legal advice are an integral part of the handling of this matter.

Company law and insolvency proceedings

Specialist in corporate litigation, the Firm offers its advice in the field of corporate law to a wide range of clients, also of great importance in Europe, providing them with attentive and dynamic assistance in any business affair. Companies shall be assisted in any insolvency proceedings by drawing up, where necessary, corporate restructuring, reorganisation and rescue plans, providing out-of-court and judicial assistance in all matters related to bankruptcy law, both in the interest of creditors and in the interest of the proceedings.

Tax law and tax consultancy

Over the years the Firm has developed considerable experience in tax law, assisting companies and individuals both in judicial and out-of-court matters and protecting the interest of their clients in the Public Administration, both in pre-litigation and litigation cases and in any degree. The Firm also shares with its clients a consolidated experience in national and international tax planning and in managing relations with tax authorities.

Administrative law

The Firm’s professionals have many years of experience in the field of administrative law, providing legal assistance and advice to businesses, companies, individuals, public bodies and institutions in all activities governed by public law. This also includes advice on invitations to tender, public contracts, concessions, licences, authorizations and all the requirements for which advice and protection of the client’s interests are required, but also their defence in administrative litigation.

Privacy protection and GDPR

The consultancy offered by the Firm extends to assistance with the protection of privacy and compliance with the GDPR, the regulation on the processing and protection of sensitive data. Since May 2018, in fact, all EU Member States are required to align themselves with the requirements of the new rules in terms of privacy and security; Legal advice from the Firm allows individuals and client companies to address any data protection and privacy issues, including during the transition to GDPR.


Real estate law

The Firm also provides assistance to individuals and companies in the field of property law, providing its legal support in all litigation or negotiation related to real estate. Specific legal advice for the management of real estate and sector investments, with full assistance in the negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale, loan, exchange, acquisition and rental of properties at any destination, in addition to the management of the underlying issues also in litigation.

Protection and management of assets

The Firm provides advice on asset management, offering a personalised service in planning, setting up and running national and foreign Trusts and making it available to companies, companies and private individuals their experience in asset protection, with both legal and financial approach. The great and varied experience of the Firm within the Trust is able to respond to the multiplicity of contexts in which the constitution of the same can come, always with the maximum efficiency and transparency.


Law and protection of minors

The Firm’s professionals provide comprehensive legal assistance in the area of family law and child protection, dealing with separation, divorce and custody with the utmost confidentiality, care and attention. The consultancy of the Firm extends to all related issues, such as successions, wills, protection of the patrimony and adoptions, without forgetting all the issues more generally pertaining to the matrimonial and family sphere, like civil unions and cohabitation.


Animals law

The Firm offers recognised and consolidated experience in the field of legal and technical advice and assistance related to animal rights, addressing mainly farmers and operators in the sector, as well as private animals. Specifically, the services offered shall cover all criminal, civil and administrative proceedings and procedures relating to the rearing, marketing and holding of animals, as well as disputes concerning their sale and underlying defects and damage to property and non assets.


Costa Rica

The Bacillieri & Giordani Firm, in collaboration with Boostart, organized in February 2019 the Costa Rica Business Summit, a meeting between the authorities of the country and the Italian entrepreneurship. Following the event, a Boostart delegation went to the Republic of Costa Rica to find answers to the questions of entrepreneurs emerged during the event and establish useful contacts for the development of internationalization and business.

The delegation had the opportunity to meet companies, institutions and government agencies and analyse the possibilities of collaboration between companies and territories. Costa Rica is in fact a country of great attraction for foreign investors, dedicated to the development of productive activities to high added value and rich of opportunities of business of various kind. The Free Trade Zone, the large number of productive sectors offered, the dynamism of companies and institutions and investment strategies for the future are just some of the aspects of sure interest for the companies interested in new partnerships with the Country.
To learn more about the results of the research and discover the opportunities that Costa Rica has in store for Italian companies contact the Bacillieri & Giordani Firm.

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